Porto Ceresio

Porto Ceresio is an elegant and relaxed village on the southern shores of the Lugano Lake. Founded around 1000 DC as fishermen village, it firstly became a tourist attraction at the beginning of the last century in the Belle Epoque era. Recently it has benefited of its strategic position on the beautiful lake, of its views over the Alps and of its proximity to many cultural and sightseeing itineraries to attract new generations of visitors. Its recently completed walk on the lake makes it a little Venice surrounded by mountains.


Porto Ceresio is located on the Italian shores of the Lugano Lake (also know as Lago Ceresio), just in front of the Swiss side. The lake offers ferry cruises, motorboats and sailing boats for hire, sailing schools and races, rowing schools and clubs, beaches and two pools for kids.


Near the villa is a large gym and football field, open to the public. Besides watersports, trekking, soccer and cycling are very popular. Villa Raggio di Sole give free some bicycles available.


During the summer season the Mercatino del Venerdi’ (Friday Market) is a popular attraction for locals and visitors, with arts and crafts, street performers and food stalls. The local community frequently organizes dances and show in the piazza.

There are many restaurants offering the best of regional cuisine.

  • Altea – Via Butti 35, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 917991
  • La Vecchia Cantina – Via Casamora 29, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 920096
  • Crotto Buzzi – Via Cantine, 29, 21050 Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 1567874
  • La Perla – Via Butti 23, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 917318
  • La Trattoria del tempo Perso – Piazza Bossi 17, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 917136
  • Ristorante Lido Da Bruno – Via Mazzini 50, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 917038
  • La Baita – Via Roma 46, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 919181
  • Ristorante del Cervo – Piazza Bossi 21, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332919181
  • Ristorante Kyoto – Via Roma 36, Porto Ceresio (VA) – Tel. 0332 920042


You can find 2 supermarkets in Porto Ceresio:

  • Tigros (300 mt from Villa Raggio di Sole) – Via XXIV Maggio, 46, 21050 Besano VA – Tel. 0332 916954
  • IperDì (800 mt from Villa Raggio di Sole) – Via delle Ortensie, 30, 21050 Porto Ceresio VA – Tel. 0332 921077